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10 golden rules for designers in the commercial world

1. 不要跟手里握着你支票的人争吵或者反对他。他可能比你更加关心你设计的结果.
1.never engage in an argument or oppose the person who holds your cheque;he is probably more concerned about the outcome of your design than yourself.

2. 事情本身不是设计的对象,你的设计将首要被用于传递讯息到市场你的客户前,是一项个人的艺术表达!
2.things are not design orented;your design will first and foremost be used to deliver a message to the market for your client,before it is an item of personal artistic expression.

3. 要耐心的跟你的顾客交流,因为你的顾客并不是设计师,所以你要用你的语言让他明白一切。
3.communicate patiently with your clients.remember,they are not designers,so use their language to get your idea acrooss.

4. 我相信在你设计和工作的背后都有特定的意义和故事,如果你没有尽力告诉我,我又怎么会完全理解。
4.i believe there is meaning and a story behind your designs and work, but if you don’t put effort into telling me,how will i fully understand?

5. 注意最后期限,你会更有信誉度如果你能按时,并且会影响你今后的职业生涯。
5.respect the deadline’meeting it improver your credibility and will impact your career development.

6.people prefer to talk to someone who is presentable,meaning clean and tidy.stylish doesn’t have to mean unclean and untidy,do you catch my drift?

7. 准时是很重要的!他对专业的人士很重要!包括设计师!
7.punctuality is important,it is important to anyone who is professional,which includes designers.

8. 永远不要因为讨价还价而生气!因为那只不过是个生意,并没有侮辱你的工作!实在是没有理由那样!你想想看!
8.never get angry during the price negotiation process,it’s just business and nothing to do with insulting your work.there is no reason for them to do so anyway,if you really think about it.

9 .你的名声将随着你的获得的奖而被证实,永远不要忘记获奖,因为客户只相信这个!
9.your reputation can be proved by business references or winning awards.don’t forget to win more awards,because it is what customers believe in.

10. 永远不要试图去抄袭别人的作品,那将是设计师的死期!
10.never,ever,attempt to copy others’ designs for any reason at all. it is a death sentence to any designer.


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